Aarth Aarogya LifeStyle Clinic


♾ This is Dr. Renuka Desai, a Naturopath by education & Holistic Healer by Profession. Am a Quantum Healer, Munay Ki Practitioner, Reiki Master,Astrologer, Graphologist, Expertise in Sound Healing, (Having an Integrative intuitive approach to LifeStyle) . Have been Blessed by Many Souls for apt Solutions and Guidance related to Health and Life. Kindly Connect to solve any sort of Imbalance in Health or Personal Issues.




Aarth Aarogya is a LifeStyle Clinic. We are into Total Body Detoxification. 

A Package Of Three Days for Rejuvination is Done. No Medicines, No Food Restrictions And No Exercises, yet Inch Loss Guaranteed.Glowing Skin is Bonus. Nearly 80% of the Ailments known /Unknown Cured Automatically.

Full Body CheckUp (non-invasive) Done. Total 39 Reports show the internal condition of the Body. Nerve Health, Bone Health, Muscle Health And also Different Stagnant Energies Diagnostics. And Much Much More at the Energy Level as Well.


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