Bio Mileager Petrol Saver




Bio Mileager Petrol Additive Starter Pack

Bio Mileager is a Multifunctional additive with unique Detergent & dispersant formula for all petrol engines. Bio Mileager is a100% herbal petrol additive This additive increases lubricity that significantly reduces engine wear and tear. In addition, the detergency and water co-solvency properties of this formula ensure that cleanliness is maintained in the fuel system, in turn contributing to lower maintenance costs. Bio Mileager actively works towards reducing the harmful emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOX), particulate matter (PM), unburned hydrocarbons (UHCs), and carbon monoxide (CO).
  • Features
• Eco-friendly, 100% Herbal multi functional bio additive for petrol vehicles
• Improved efficiency during the combustion process of petrol which leads to more mileage
• Enables engine to perform at its peak capacity
• Increases fuel average of the engine by 30 to 60% Guaranteed
• Provides smoother ignition & running performance
• Reduces harmful emissions
• Prolongs the life of the engine
• Reduces maintenance costs
• Protects the fuel system from corrosionon
• Smooth drive without knocking noise, backfire, delay time chain etc
• Totally prevents corrosion in fuel tank & cleans fuel supply in carburetor
  • Application
All types of Petrol vehicles Two wheeler, Three wheelers, Four Wheelers etc.

Usage:  2ml for 1 Liter Petrol


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