ESE Lightning Arrester

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The basic purpose of the ESE Lightning Arrestor is to produce ionization directed at the cloud so that the electrical charge in the Lightning Strike can be channeled from the very beginning. It is developed so as to provide a safe and efficient manner of controlling dangerous lightning energy before it damages the structures or its important contents.

It’s one of the Application to provide the highest level of lightning protection
It is designed and installed as per the application requirement parameters.
It consists of following

Features :
CPRI Tested
Stainless Steel Material
Reliable performance in all weather conditions
Suitable for Corrosive Environments
No use of Battery or any other Power Source required.

Air Terminal –
it is a device for protection from lightning. It consists of a spherical part made from metal and is fixed at the top.

Strike Counter –
A functional device shows the intact operation of the lighting system by counting strikes of lightning from lightning rods and eliminators.

Earthing –
The earthing systems are efficiently designed and installed for the safe conduction of extreme and high voltage that is associated with lightning strikes.


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